1. well today is the begining of my blog.a little bit about me you should know: i can be a girly girl when i want to be. some of my fav shows are make it or break it, pair of kings, mystery shack,and once apon a time. my fav books are sisters grimm, warriors,seekers,nerds,disney faries, oh forget it! this is way to hard!!! as you can see i love books! i am a retired softball player too. i am homeschooled so this is the life through a homeschooler. i will post pictures i like or have taken myself. today we had a history club meeting. all the meetings i will post later will be homeschool meetings. these happen around 1 o’clock during the weekday’s every once in a while and since we are homeschooled we dont have to worry about missing school. anyway in history we do reports and post them in this big book. we each read our reports and then write in timelines and color. its pretty fun even with a bazillion reports. there are only 2 girls in this class. its kind’ov meant for moms to just teach their kid but we do it together since its way more fun. i also do science club, litature club and book club. these are all HS only. the other classes have like 8 people in them. anyway today we were discussing eli whitney and some guy who made the steam boat popular or something. anyhow afterward we get to talk and have fun. so some questions we asked were truth or dare. since we never do dares (trust i have had some really bad expierences with those) everyone did truth. we only asked would you rather questions though. they were really funny! here can you ansewer these? would you rather date cody simpson of Justin bieber? would you rather date harry potter or edward from twilight? would you rather date jake from surviving the applewhites or jacob from twilight? if you dont know jake from surviving the applewhites its a book so look it up! this made a really good 1st edition for my blog and if you like it please reply!



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